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Training on Hatchery Management by SEP-Fisheries Project

Aquaculture has become an essential source of income, nutrition, and economic development in Bangladesh. With its extensive network of rivers and fertile lands, the country has harnessed its potential to cultivate aquatic organisms efficiently. In line with the nation’s commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible aquaculture, the Social and Economic Enhancement Programme for Fisheries (SEP-Fisheries) project recently organized few trainings program on “Hatchery Management.”

Participants were introduced to the fundamentals of hatchery design and construction, with a focus on creating an environment that is conducive to fish reproduction and larval development.

The program covered techniques for proper egg collection and incubation, with a particular emphasis on maintaining water quality and temperature.

Participants were educated on the intricacies of larval rearing, including feeding, disease management, and maintaining the optimal environment for larval growth.

The training program on hatchery management has yielded a positive impact on the participants and the aquaculture sector as a whole.